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Event arms distributors for success

17 Nov 2016

Natgraph's International Distributors gathered in Nottingham for Natgraph Now 2016. The objective was to align and train our colleagues on the very latest products and applications.

The feedback has been excellent with colleagues confirming that it was an interesting and effective event that will enable them to proceed with confidence into new applications within their own countries.

Natgraph Now 2016 was attended by 25 sales professionals from 20 Countries and 3 Continents for a comprehensive timetable including sessions on applications, industry specific challenges, dedicated equipment specifications and future developments.


We were able to enjoy informative technical presentations from Natgraph's experts and industry specialists including :-

Flat Glass - Christian Schweikert - Thieme GmbH

  • Textile Transfers - Steve Heath - Perfectos Printing Inks Co Ltd
  • Biosensors - David Steele - (Former Lifescan Director of Product Development)
  • Credit Card and Security - Kevin Northcott - Apollo Colours Ltd
  • FIM Automotive - Kevin O'Hara - MacDermid Autotype Ltd
  • Membrane Switch - Claudia Bauer - Marabu GmbH
  • Cylinder Press Developments - Claudio Moffa - Sakurai Graphic Systems Corp

Factory tours explained the major changes under way at Natgraph with a completely new factory layout and investments in new machinery to improve efficiency.  Our colleagues were able to see for themselves the changes in our business and the energy being made to drive efficiency, reduce lead-times and remain ahead of the competition. 

The evenings were an opportunity to relax and included a tour of the gruesome Galleries of Justice Museum in Nottingham. The team recreated an 1832 trial which saw Sakurai's Claudio Moffa (aka Valentine Marshall), sentenced to transportation to Australia for despicable crimes.  Bon Voyage Claudio!

Natgraph's distributors left the event with new focus, fueled by the knowledge and insights into potential new markets, armed for even greater success.

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