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New year starts with record order book

23 Jan 2017

A combination of factors have resulted in a record order book for Natgraph!

The Company enters 2017 with the largest order book in its history. Major improvements in its manufacturing systems, production layout and planning will ensure the company meets the challenge and all orders will be shipped on time.

This influx of business includes the single largest order ever received by Natgraph - a multi-machine deal to provide dryers for the automotive sector has materialised following considerable innovation, project planning and negotiation. The automotive sector, particularly in the USA, has also contributed a significant number of other new orders.

Beyond the auto industry a deal has just been done on one of the most complex dryers ever designed and manufactured by Natgraph - for the medical sector. Orders for dryers for non-screen printing applications reflect a welcome outcome following much work to broaden the appeal of the company's products.

Commenting on the record-breaking start to 2017, Sales Director, Douglas Gray, said: "There have been a number of factors behind the surge in ordered. Chief amongst them was our Natgraph Now event back in November and the roll out of the PEAK message. Our distributors from all over the world participated and returned home with powerful technical knowledge on machines, applications and market position that have enabled them to convert projects. To date this event has delivered new business from Spain, Italy, Poland, India and the USA. 

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