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Sales growth heralds bright future

6 Apr 2017

Natgraph is entering the new financial year carrying substantial momentum from 2016/17 which saw sales grow by 14%!

Demand for our high-performance products shows no sign of waning, with a record order book and an impressive ‘pipeline' promising even more orders in the next quarter.

Sales are forecast to grow by a further 20% in 17/18 with demand from North America particularly strong. Europe also continues to perform well and some interesting projects are beginning to emerge in Asia and beyond. 

This excellent performance has been achieved during a period of significant change, which has included a reconfigured factory layout to enable better flow and efficiency. This development was part of a £400,000 commitment which also included the installation of  additional sheet metal folding equipment.

Natgraph's ongoing investment in its production facilities, processes, and team, will help the company exploit the growth potential of the market through innovation, excellent product performance and fast lead-times.



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