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Horizontal Screen Frame Drying Cabinets

Natgraph manufactures a range of Screen Frame Drying Cabinets for every application, these high specification units have been developed to provide a high speed, fully controlled drying system. Large volumes of recirculated air pass each side of the photo stencil, providing efficient drying and ensuring that the complete frame is maintained at the same temperature, vital for good print definition.

These cabinets utilise Natgraph's world renowned drying systems technology to achieve high air volumes and speeds, resulting in unrivalled efficiency and consistency of temperature across the whole screen, a must for today's high quality graphic and industrial screen printing applications.

  • High speed drying
  • Low temperature operation
  • Programmable temperature control
  • Adjustable damper for exhaust air
  • Air filter for inlet air
  • Adjustable frame support bars
  • Fully insulated
  • Optional illuminated top
  • Optional ‘T' bars
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download brochure
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